Brake Fluid

Over time, your car's brake fluid absorbs water content which can lead to brake failure. Vehicle manufacturers recommend that you change your brake fluid every two years so that your brakes work to their optimum performance.

bleed function - abs controller

abs braking

Whats include in a Brake Fluid Change

Our trained brake technicians will use a pressure bleeder to perform the brake fluid change – this pumps a constant supply of new fluid under pressure into the brake fluid reservoir to avoid air getting into the hydraulic system. Starting with the brake in most need of attention (the most contaminated) and then moving around the vehicle in a sequence depending on the braking system fitted, the old fluid is then bled out at the bleed nipple on each brake, until clean fluid is seen in the bleed bottle. The new fluid pushes out the old fluid, which is then disposed of.

On most modern vehicle the use of a diagnostic tool is also required, to enable a bleed function on the ABS controller, to ensure that all the old fluid is purged from the different pathways and valves within the ABS pump.

Brake Fluid and Servicing

Changing car brake fluid is not typically included in a vehicle service. That’s why it is important to make sure your brake fluid is in good condition and replaced regularly to reduce the chances of brake failure.

Over time brake fluid absorbs water, water in the braking system will cause corrosion and pitting in the calliper pistons and bores, wheel cylinders, master cylinders, ABS modulators. (causing expenses repair bills). By replacing your fluid as recommended by the manufacturer it will extend the life of your braking system.



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