Advanced engine Tuning


We use the very latest techniques and equipment to make it simple to have your car engine remapped- reliability is never compromised and almost all cars and vans can be done.

Our software is all custom and tailored to suit your needs.

We pride ourselves on being reliable, friendly and providing custom remapping software at reasonable prices. ​

We are part of the UK‘s leading mobile Remapping & Chip Tuning specialists.

As much as a 40% gain in power & up to 20% more mpg can be achieved.

We specialize in custom re-mapping / chip tuning of most modern ECU‘s found in modern vehicles to provide you with the very best results every time.

We have years of experience in all levels of tuning from Mechanical to Electronic.

Whether it is, a re-map for the purpose of performance, economy or a good balance of both, we can help.




custom remapping



Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
DPF / EGR Delete
Economy Remaps
Pop and Bang
DSG Gearbox Remap
immobiliser removal
immobiliser unlock
hardcut limiter
launch control
dtc off



We can Remap All Makes and Models of Vehicles

All our remaps are custom tuned for your specific vehicle. We can tune all makes and models of vehicles, including cars and vans.

Message us with your vehicle make and model and we will provide you with statistics on power (BHP) and torque increases that you can expect after a remap. 



We can also install performance parts to your vehicle, whether its a performance exhaust, uprated brakes or coilover suspension, we can fit it.



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